Winner 10 Cannes Lions

The Work

NOVA | The Rape Tax

A rape survivor’s story transformed into hospital bill to show injustice. Time's Up and #MeToo.

Rape victims pay an average $1000 in medical bills after being raped. We empowered victims to share the true costs of this injustice.

Cyrcadia Health | iTBra

The iTBra is a wearable device that detects breast cancer, earlier & more accurately than mammograms

The iTBra is a wearable that detects breast cancer. This campaign showed how it's revolutionizing breast cancer screening globally. 

Jardiance | Epic Battle

Jardiance, type 2 diabetes, CV death has a new opponent, Epic Battle

My creative concept for blockbuster type 2 diabetes drug Jardiance was a 2017 MM&M Award finalist for “Best Multichannel Campaign.”  

Social Impact | The Anti-Trafficking Exam

Anti Trafficking Exam: medical device to diagnose victims of human trafficking and rescue them.

Cannes-winning project used a transformed otoscope to play a secret rescue message into the ear of a suspected trafficking victim. 

Change the Ref | Posts Into Letters

Joaquin Oliver, a Parkland Florida shooting victim. Write letters to Congress in his handwriting.

To change gun laws, we turned social posts into powerful letters to Congress using the handwriting of a shooting victim.

New York-Presbyterian | TXT2HLP

TXT2HLP New York-Presbyterian, first mobile platform, train cancer patients to be suicide counselors

TXT2HLP is the first mobile platform to recruit and train terminal cancer patients to become suicide counselors.

Xhance | DTC

XHANCE nasal spray for nasal polyps. Fluticasone. Exhalation Delivery Method.

Eli Lilly | Video

Eli Lilly Jardiance Protect Life

Trulance | Print

Trulance print ad creative concept

LVMH | Digital & Social

LVMH, Veuve Clicquot

Battle Axe | Product

Battle Axe coffee

NJOY | Experiential

NJOY e-cigarettes experiential in Las Vegas, Nevada